Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Short Story with Pic

Ron and his gang pushed me into this bedroom and turned on the light. I saw my wife completely naked and handcuffed to the bed as I called out her name but I quickly felt somebody behind me put a huge piece of tape over my mouth and tie my hands behind my back before slamming me down into a chair seated very close to the bed.

I could hear my wife call out my name when she recognized my voice. She kept asking what is going on, but I could not provide any answer as I could only watch Ron and his guys taking off their clothes. All of them towered over my prone wife as I could see her body jump when one of the guys probed around her pussy with his fingers.

The other guys were right behind him with their hands feeling all over her body. I felt like throwing up when I could hear my wife telling me to stop all of this, but I could only look on as I watched a guy that I did not even know his name spreading open my wife's pussy lips before ramming his fingers as deep as he shove into her. He did this over and over despite my wife's pleas to him to quit.

When he finally pulled out his fingers I could see them gleaming in the light with my wife's wetness. I could hear him ask Ron are you sure we are going to do this, she was tighter than what they had even thought but Ron just made a gesture for him to move away from her. The chair they had planted me in was put in an angle to make sure I could not miss Ron now climbing up behind my wife.

I could hear my wife wince when he pulled up on her handcuffs. The only choice my wife had to relieve the pressure on her shoulders had her bend her body in a position that now Ron took full advantage of. He still kept her handcuffs in one hand while taking the other to grip her asscheek and spread her pussy for all to see, his huge black cock starting to press up against her must too narrow looking opening.

I could hear my wife begging that whoever is doing this that there is got to be something else that can be worked out, but she was cut off before she could continue as a very loud shrill soon blasted out of her mouth. I could hear the clanging of medal as she twisted her body, the very loud sounds she was letting out of her distress almost had the room growing dark for me. It took Ron having to use the full weight of his body pinning my wife down of the bed to finally get to pussy to succumb.

It was such an offensive sound I could hear everytime he slammed down so hard up against her skin. Both of their bodies were coated in sweat before he finally backed off of her. This only allowed me to see the damage that had been done. I could hardly believe my eyes as I saw the crimson colored gapping tunnel that was my wife's pussy. It was still pulsing as I could see so far inside of it before my view was very quickly filled with the huge frame of the next guy to climb up behind her.

This guy had an even bigger cock than Ron and was much younger, His cock slipped in without the huge struggle of before but he still had to push very hard before his entire length was buried inside of her, I could hear him say she was already trying to close back up as his strokes had got my very groggy wife to start making some sounds. He slapped her ass with such searing licks that his handprints were already forming on each of her cheeks. I knew this night was only getting started as he reached down to grab ahold her hair....