Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stuff from my old blog

came across some awesome pics while surfing the net, credit for pics goes to original posters, thank you all

Would not stop

The lastest story I worked up for this picture
    Ever since my new boss had seen the picture of my wife on my desk he was relentless. My wife was always one to be nice to people so she just smiled when one night he came by our house just as we were about to eat. He complimented her on the great meal and when she got up to start cleaning up I swear I thought I saw him dump something in the wine she was drinking.

    I could not make out what happened but I saw the big smile on my boss's face when my wife's back was turned and when she got back to the table to take another drink from her glass. Once we were in the living room I was extremely uncomfortable as found myself sitting in a chair across from the couch that my wife was now sharing with my boss.

    My wife was acting very restless on the couch and was not even saying anything about my boss's huge hand on her bare leg as they talked. I thought maybe it was the wine that she had been drinking on but I had never seen her act like this, she was visibly sweating as I tried to wrap things up by saying we all had a long day tomorrow but I saw the look my boss gave me from behind to where my wife could not see him.

    I knew I thought I had seen him put something in her drink as my wife was now saying how hot she felt and that she did not know what was happening to her, She could barely stand up when she said she needed to use the restroom and excused her out of the room.

    One of the straps on her dress was already pulled down by my boss and her cleavage in full view as she struggled to make it out of the room and down the hall. Once she was out of site I showed my frustration to my boss by asking what the hell he was doing?. I had never seen such a pissed off look on his face as he said I need to chill out and just enjoy the show as he got up off the couch and started heading to the hallway.

    I saw where he was heading and grabbed his arm but his huge frame was not match for me as he shrugged me off with ease. I still followed him to the our bathroom and the light was on but the door was not all the way shut. I saw in the mirror my wife was now completely naked staring into the mirror as she was wiping down her sweat drenched body. Her eyes told me she was shocked that my boss was walking into the bathroom with her but her body seemed not to be able to react. He just towered over as he wrapped his huge arms around her body and his hands squeezed each of her exposed breasts.

    He started kissing her neck and I could tell my wife was not resisting his touches. They brushed past me as he just picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. I could feel my face grow very red as I said this needed to stop but neither one acted like I was even in the room. He placed my wife on the bed and he quickly pulled off his clothes as my wife was rubbing her legs together while saying she had never felt this way before, what was going on, but my boss quickly leaned down and started kissing her, cutting her off in mid sentence as I saw his huge bare black cock pushing up against my wife's pussy.

    He used one of his hands to feel her opening and said she was already good and wet as he starting pushing his cock into her pussy. I could hear my wife grow very loud even though he was still kissing her as he started working his hips back and forth. I could not believe what I was now just standing here watching as my wife lifted up her legs and her hand grabbed ahold on his arm as he really started pounding on her the fastest yet...


posting my newest caption pics, enjoy